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Steven J. Clark, Author
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Author Steven J. Clark
​  Steven Clark was born and raised in the mountains of  Utah but spent most of his adult life in the warm climes of California., with short sojourns to  Nebranska,  Arizona, Texas,  New Mexico, and Tennessee.  In addition to his writing, He is an inventor, businessman, the former editor-in-chief and publisher of a national trade journal and a regular  newspaper columnist for his local newspaper.  
   Steve is active in his church and in local community affairs.  He also is the founder and director of the Sanpete Valley Singers, a well-known, performance- oriented community choir.
   Steve lives in Chester, UT with his wife, Lauri (Rosier) Clark.  They enjoy their children (6), grandchildren (15) and yes, even great-grandchildren (6). He is an avid golfer and fisherman.  Steve looks forward to makeing  writing his full-time career upon his retirement and has vowed to try his best to follow the birdies flying south each winter just as soon as possible.
Copywright 2013, Steven J. Clark, Chester, UT 84623  All Rights Reserved.  CONTACT INFO: Email: sjc@cut.net - Mailing Address: HC13 Box 3071, Chester, UT 84623

  Written in the genre created by the  the late Tony Hillerman, Clark has crafted a superb, action-packed  legal thriller that weaves a tale of corporate greed, intrique and romance set in the high desert in and round Farmington New Mexico and the nearby Navajo Reservation.
  Attorney Danny Whitehorse discovers that Gannon Oil, the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the Four-Corners area, is stealing natural gas from the reservation in  a conspiracy that is causing great hardship for reservation families and has spawned a dangerous paramilitary movement that threatens peace in the Four Corners area.
   Whitehorse files suit against Gannon Oil and unleashes the full wrath of the ruthless oil baron, Red Gannon, against him.
   Harassed, pursued, and in fear of his life, Whitehorse is forced to call on hus friend and fellow attorney, Jason Stevens, a former Navy Seal, for help  WARNING: This novel may cause acute loss of sleep.
Wage$ Of Greed
All The Pretty Dresses
  Single mom, Cass Rosier, is the first  female sheriff of staunchly conservative Nicholas County, West Virginia. She has a problem.  Young women, all of them dressed in beautiful evening gowns and posed as if peacefully asleep, are showing up dead.
  Fleeing an abusive ex-husband, Cass's childhood best friend, Attorney and heiress, Samantha Rogers (Sam), leaves her lucrative job in New York and  unexpectedly  shows  up in Nicholas County to hide and heal.   
  Cass seizes the opportunity to recruit Sam to work as a special investigator on the case.  Together, they must unravel the many twists, turns and surprises of solving the  mysterious evening gown murders and at the same time protect Sam from her ex husband, who is now stalking her.
  Pretty Dresses is a harrowing tale of intrigue, mystery and romance that will hold readers spellbound as Cass and Sam race against time to stop Nicholas County's deadly evening gown serial killer.
(Click here to read 1st 3 chapters)
(Click here to read 1st 3 chapters)
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Wages of Greed.
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All The Pretty Dresses.

Cover photo by Henning Umland
All The Pretty Dresses has been named a top ten winner in the national 2014 Critique My Novel writer's contest