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Steven J. Clark, Author
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About the Author
​   Award-winning author, Steven J. Clark, was born and raised in the mountains of  Utah but spent most of his adult life in the warm climes of California., with short sojourns to Texas, and Tennessee. Fountains of Fire is his third novel.
  He lives in Chester, UT with his wife, Lauri (Rosier) Clark, and a large white dog named Casper.. 
  Mr. Clark welcomes contact from his many fans around the world either through his Facebook page or by email at sjc@cut.net.
Copywright 2014, New Horizons Press/Publishers, LLC., Chester, UT 84623  All Rights Reserved.  CONTACT INFO: Email: sjc@cut.net - Mailing Address: HC13 Box 3071, Chester, UT 84623

Amazon top-ten best seller, Native American Fiction category, Sept 4, 2015

  When Robert and Lena Begay walk into his tiny law office in Farmington, NM, little does Navajo attorney, Danny Whitehorse suspect that what they say will threaten not just his law practice, but his life and the lives of everyone around him. Gannon Oil Company is turning off natural gas wells on the reservation. "How many?" Danny asks. "Many," Begay says, "very many."
 When Danny files a lawsuit against Gannon, he quickly finds that his biggest challenge isn't winning, but staying alive long enough to get the lawsuit to court.

  Single mom, Cass Rosier, the first ever female sheriff of Nicholas County, West Virginia, has a problem. Young women, all of them dressed in beautiful scarlet evening gowns when found, are turning up up dead in her county. 
  When Cass's childhood best friend, Samantha (Sam) Martin, now a successful New York Attorney, unexpectedly shows up in town, fleeing an abusive ex-husband, Cass recruits her to work as a special investigator on the case.  
    Pretty Dresses is a spellbinding tale filled with intrigue, mystery and romance. 
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Latest Release
Second Book in the Danny Whitehorse/Jason Stevens series
   All Matthew Yasee wants is for his employer to take care of his medical bills. After all, it way the stuff in their barrels that made him sick. What he doesn't expect when he walks through the doors of the Whitehorse, Stevens, and Whitehorse law oiffice is that his simple complaint will unearth the most dangerous eco-terrorism plot the world has ever faced.
  Just a Chaco Whitehorse begins his investigation, he receives the most startling news a may can ever receive. The news drives the final nail into his failing relationship with long-time girlfriend, Kathy, and forever alters the priorities of his life.
  As Chaco struggles with his new realities, the Yazee case requires him to place his life in jeopardy at the very moment when others need him most. Tut the alternative might cost the lives of millions and risks bringing the American economy to its knees.
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Steven J. Clark
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Fountains of Fire
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