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Steven J. Clark, Author
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LDStorywriters Conference

by Steven J. Clark on 05/20/13

   Enjoyed my attendance at the first major writer's conference I've attended.  It was called the LDStorymakers Conference and was held at the Provo, UT Marriott. The first day I participated in their Boot Camp in which new authors bring their first fifteen pages and have it disected by several other authors and prospective authors.  It was my first time at being both and author and a quasi-editor of someone else's work.  Interesting...

   Spent the next two days in classes.  What a great education.  I got to mingle with a lot of other authors and wannabe authors.  The panels of literary agents were particulary interesting.

   I was able to pitch my book, (Pretty Dresses) to Michael Borrett of Dystyl and Godderich.  I expected that at best he might want to take a look at the first ten pages or perhaps first three chapters, but he requested the full MS.  I only have 127 pages back from my editor that incorporates her revisions.  Now I'm anxiously awaiting getting the rest of the book back from her so I can make the needed changes and get the MS submitted to Mr. Borrett in a timely manner.  It apparently won't be ready until the end of June.  Guess I'll get started on the second book in the series between now and then.  As the old axiom goes, 'KEEP WRITING'.



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