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So you want to be a writer!

by Steven J. Clark on 05/20/13

Ever since I let it be known that I intend to pursue a career as a writer after I retire I've had some very interesting reactions from people.  The first thing they want to know is what I've written.  When I tell them 'two novels', they seem surprised.  That's because they know me as a telephone company man or a choir director or someone actively engaged in politics, not as someone who could actually write, and especially not as someone who would write something a long as a book.

I'm somewhat surprized ath the number of pepole who say something like, oh, I've always wanted to write a book, or I've got this great idea but I've never been able to get it on paper.  Then they ask the inevitable follow-up question; "How did you do it?"

The answer is simple.  I sat down one day and started to write.  I had an idea in my head and I let it pour out onto a page.  If you want to write, there's only one way.  You have to start writing. You'll never know if you're an author or not until what's in you head hits a printed page.  I promise what you write today will not be as good as what you will write next year, but you have to start somewhere. 

Take a creative writing class.  Read, read, read, and then sit down and write something to see if you can make it sound as good as what you've read.  Then do it again and again and again until you're satisfied that you're ready.  You just might discover your hidden Hemmingway or Grisham or Cornwell. What are you waiting for?  Just do it!

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